Professional Experience


Experienced Defense Attorney

As a defense attorney since 2001, Hubbell has represented many corporations, CEOs, corporate officers, corporate employees, and other individuals in a wide variety of white collar criminal and civil enforcement proceedings and trials. For example, Hubbell:

  • Represented the manager of a dredging project in a federal criminal environmental trial, where the client was found not guilty on all counts. The prosecution, led by the Department of Justice Environmental Crimes Section, alleged felony violations of the Clean Water Act, the Rivers and Harbors Act, and false statements to the United States. This case is believed to be the second federal criminal environmental case ever tried in the District of South Carolina.
  • Represented a corporate employee in lengthy criminal antitrust trial that ended with a verdict of not guilty. The trial was held in federal court in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was the result of a wide-ranging, 3-year Department of Justice investigation into alleged price-fixing in the United States polyester fiber manufacturing industry. After two weeks of trial, the jury deliberated for approximately four hours before finding the client not guilty.
  • Represented a former corporate board chairman in a month-long securities fraud trial touted by the South Carolina Attorney General as the largest and most complex white collar case in South Carolina history.
  • Represented numerous health care providers including hospitals, officers of hospitals, and doctors in both criminal and False Claims Act / Qui Tam cases.
  • Represented clients including a major manufacturer, an international shipping company, and corporate employees in environmental cases involving the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act and other environmental laws.
  • Represented corporate employees in both grand jury investigations and at trial in antitrust cases brought by the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice.
  • Represented companies and business executives in federal investigations involving the IRS and the Tax Division of the Department of Justice.
  • Represented doctors and other health care providers in prescription drug fraud and DEA diversion cases.

Former Federal Prosecutor

As an Assistant United States Attorney for nearly ten years, Hubbell focused on the prosecution of complex “white collar” crimes, including securities fraud, computer crimes, wire and mail fraud, public corruption, environmental crime, health care fraud, immigration offenses, and money laundering. For example, Hubbell:

  • Prosecuted numerous environmental crimes and obtained one of the first jail sentences ever in the District for an environmental crime—a case in which the owner of a laboratory falsified safe drinking water tests for elementary schools.
  • Prosecuted the Captain and First Engineer of the Norwegian ship Star Evivva in what was believed to be the largest offshore oil spill case in South Carolina. The spill involved thousands of gallons of heavy fuel oil and resulted in the death of about 200 migratory birds. The case raised difficult international and jurisdictional legal issues, but was successfully concluded with the conviction of the Norwegian shipping company.
  • Prosecuted what is believed to be the first federal health care fraud case tried in the District of South Carolina. After a lengthy and difficult trial, the defendant—a nursing home doctor – stood convicted of numerous counts of defrauding Medicare and Medicaid by “upcoding” his services. In addition, the doctor was convicted of money laundering and was sentenced to serve 30 months in prison.
  • Prosecuted a state probate judge after it was discovered that the judge was defrauding elderly widows by transferring their land to himself. After the judge received a sentence of imprisonment, he attempted to hire a “hit man” to assassinate his enemies. Hubbell then prosecuted the judge for attempted murder-for-hire, at which point the judge committed suicide in prison.
  • Prosecuted a complex conspiracy case involving members of the Medellin cocaine cartel who attempted to break a kingpin out of the Charleston County Jail prior to his sentencing. The trial lasted over two weeks and was extraordinary for, among other things, the high security surrounding the trial— including heavily armed federal agents in a helicopter and on rooftops near the courthouse. On appeal in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, Hubbell successfully argued the government’s case against famed Miami defense attorney Roy Black.
  • Prosecuted a difficult circumstantial murder case involving a defendant who murdered his wife’s paramour with a remote-controlled car bomb. The trial lasted two weeks, and the government called over 80 witnesses to the stand—including several scientific experts – to prove the case. The defendant was convicted and sentenced to life.
  • Prosecuted numerous cases involving Internet child exploitation crimes and formed the U.S. Attorney’s Internet Child Exploitation Task (“ICE”) Force, comprised of numerous federal, state and local law enforcement agents and prosecutors.
  • Briefed and argued appeals in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.